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About Us

The KALI Group is a leading Israeli firm, specializing in pensions, wealth management and financial planning. The KALI Group is ranked as Israel's largest pension and financial private firm. From complex wealth management to your retirement needs, we can help you with financial planning.

We offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of financial planning needs and can help you make the right decisions to reach your goals. We deliver real business results through a customer based approach to finance and provide the right expertise according to your needs.

Digital Innovation

It is important for us to allow our clients excellent access and view of their investment portfolios. In order to accomplish this, we have built a secure portal, through which our customers can be updated, in real-time, on all their financial and pension products, conveniently make adjustments and contact us with one click. We are committed to continuously develop technological infrastructures and interfaces that enable us to maintain a high digital level of communication and collaboration with our customers.

Our Mission

We believe that our customers’ needs always come first, so we strive to provide dedicated and professional services and solutions based on trust, business integrity and long-term commitment. Kali is committed to operating its business with the goal of creating value for all our customers. We invest a lot of time and resources to be leading professionals in our areas of expertise. We understand the importance in meticulously delving into every law and every regulation, giving our customers a keen advantage to financial planning. 

Our Values

Our company values include objectivity, professionalism, service excellence, trust, accountability, and technological innovation. With these values on the forefront, we have helped thousands of clients and many senior executives from a wide range of industries such as high-tech, biotech, defense, and others.

Our Team

Our team of wealth managers, pension planners and financial experts, is dedicated to excellence in every field of action from financial expertise to customer-service excellence, accountability, and fostering a spirit of trust and commitment. Kali Groups' dedicated team of financial experts is focused on continuous development and, most importantly, a customer-focused approach to service.


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