Ran Kali – Board Chairman

Born in 1965, married + 3. BA in economics and psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, MBA from IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Previous positions included: customer services team member and customers portfolio manager, CEO of Kali Pension Scheme Management and CEO of Kali Pension Insurance Consultants.

Menahem Kali

Born in 1937, married + 3. BA in economics and political science and MA studies in business management from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Previous positions included: Kali Group Management Council Chairman (2005), Kali Group Founder and CEO (1970), Investments Company VP at the Foreign Trade Bank Ltd., today: the First International Bank (1964) and manager of the Jerusalem Municipality Budgets Department (1961). 

Public positions: From August 2010 to 2015 served as chairman of the Pension Scheme Managers Forum. From 2002 to 2006 served as chairman of the New Pension Funds Union. Member of the Shtessel Committee appointed by the Israeli government to examine the pension insurance system. 

Tel Hai College Board of Trustees – chairman of the finance committee and the physical committee and chairman of the Canada Center in Metula (voluntary position on behalf of the UIJFC) 

Amit Kali

Born in 1969, married + 3, BA in economics and management from the Ramat Gan College Open University, MBA specializing in finance from NYU, USA. Senior financial client manager and responsible for investment marketing enforcement and obedience at the Kali Group.

Previous positions: manager of the Health Insurance Department at the Kali Insurance Agency, investments manager and senior private customers manager at Clal Finances and Harel Finances for 20 years. 

Dr. Haim Seror

Born in 1965, BA in psychology, MA in organizational sociology and doctorate in business management at the Liverpool University School of Business Management. Owner and manager of the Management Consultant Company – Seror Strategic Solutions Ltd, specializing in the assimilation of business strategies and management consultant for leading companies in Israel. Founder and partner of the Go-Arc start-up company, which is developing advanced technologies to improve organizational performance. Served as Senior VP for the Teva, Bazan and Alvarion companies. 

Dr. Jacob Lifshitz

Dr. Jacob Lifshitz, economic consultant and director of companies, adjunct lecturer at the Ben Gurion University in the Economics and Public Policy faculties, researcher at the Begin-Saadat Center for strategic research. In the past served as general manager of the Finance Ministry, financial advisor for the security forces, general manager of Electra, senior commissioned VP for credit at the Discount Bank, chairman of the TAAS Board of Directors, Public Management Chairman of Hamil (The Israeli Management Center) and in additional positions in the public and business sectors. Has written books and articles on subjects related to Israel’s economy and security economy, which were published in Israel and abroad. 

Israel Olenik

Born in 1947 with a BA in economics and MBA. Serves in several positions: CEO and Chairman of the R2Shiluv I Institute, CEO and Chairman of the InterSite Institute, senior partner, board of directors’ member and founder of the I Panel company, member of the ASKEM Company board of directors. 

Previous positions: founder and CEO of Mirkam, founder and CEO of Conso Israel, founder and owner of the eRate company, and more. For over 20 years served as academic administrator and lecturer on marketing for the Marketing and Advertising Managers courses at the Haifa University Technion external studies, at the Open University and at the Advertisers Union School of Advertising.

Barry Ben Zeev

Born in 1952, BA in economics and MBA specializing in financing, both from the Tel Aviv University. Former CEO of Hapoalim Bank in Switzerland and Uruguay, member of the Stock Exchange Board of Directors, etc. In 2009 established the Woolfson Consulting Company that provides international consultation services on business strategy for investors in Israel and abroad. Ben Zeev currently serves as a board member for private and public companies. 

Prof. Eugene Kandel

Born in 1959, serves as a professor of economics and financing at the Hebrew University, with degrees from the Hebrew University and the Chicago University, with specializations in financial markets and financial mediators. 

From 2009-2015 Prof. Kandel served as head of the National Economics Council, and as financial advisor to the prime minister. Prof. Kandel was then appointed as joint chairman of The Institution for Start-Up National Central (SNC) Policy. In April 2021 was appointed joint chairman of the new research institute established by the non-profit society.