We accompany hundreds of employers, companies and organizations from among the largest in the economy, providing them with a comprehensive package of financial and pension services on everything related to pension funds, senior employees’ insurances, provident funds and study funds, investment provident funds, portfolio management, pension arrangement management, clearing of money into employees’ funds, feedback controls, provident fund and study fund settlement, risk insurances, et cetera.

Kali’s experts will adjust the variety of services according to the nature of the organization and the business’s unique needs. We will provide you with security and peace of mind that everything is done exactly by the book and according to your own specific wishes, on everything related to your employees’ financial, insurance and pension arrangements.

We provide a full package of services to employees as well: We will meet with them face-to-face, support them in handling their pension plans, provide specific recommendations to each and every employee, support such changes as they wish to make according to the recommendations, and will also handle their financial assets: both those they receive from you and their own private financial assets.

The service to employees includes:

A pension and finance meeting including a comprehensive analysis and personalization

At the meeting, we will present an analysis of the employee’s current pension portfolio and make adjustments according to their personal needs.

Accompaniment and periodic meetings

Periodically, we will review the employee’s pension and financial portfolio and optimize and update the portfolio according to the employee’s personal needs and to the possibilities of the pension insurance market. If life-changing events such as marriage or the birth of a child have taken place, we will readjust the portfolio’s structure and the insurance coverages to adapt to the changes.The employees are given personal contact information and may contact us to have any question answered or obtain information.

Professional opinions

We will provide a professional opinion on life and health insurances, consulting on retirement and old-age planning, and accompaniment and exhaustion of rights in the event of legal action.

Digital services center and personal section

The employees are given access to a personal information section on Kali Group’s website which includes an option of producing a status report, personal insurance, tax certificates and scheduling a meeting, changing your marital status, updating your address and contact information, et cetera. Our business team has over 50 years of experience, is intimately familiar with all points of the law while also understanding the bigger picture and the challenges faced by organizations and companies in finance and pension management. Our expertise and experience will free your time so that you can focus on management, growth and development and will provide you with service precisely tailored to your specific organization or business.