We specialize in providing service to Israel’s high-tech sector and to startup companies, handling dozens of leading companies in the industry. Pension services are only part of our expertise, and we provide holistic care comprising all of the financial, pension and insurance products available on the market.

High-tech companies and startups are faced with special challenges as regards pension and financial management: Employees located overseas, high wage levels which require complex and professional financial and pension solutions, professional accompaniment for companies that are starting out as regards compliance with the requirements of the law regarding the employees’ social benefits, providing operating and clearance solutions, service in a variety of languages. We are intimately familiar with the specific requirements of high-tech companies and provide a full package of services.

Kali’s experts provide a variety of additional services to the companies’ employees, such as: Expertise and provision of different and varied financial solutions (provident funds, study funds, investment portfolios, Amendment 190, financial policies, alternative investments, et cetera), a comprehensive opinion on health insurances and long-term care insurances, a comprehensive opinion on investment alternatives, issuing a monthly concentrated statement including the various insurance assets, expanding the service provided to the family unit, a variety of digital services in an advanced personal section of the website, a variety of communication channels to provide a response to any need or question such as WhatsApp, Messenger and other digital solutions, a personal client manager and referent.

We maintain work relationships with all leading insurance companies and investment houses and market all their products, and are not owned by any institutional entity. These facts enable us to be on your side and to provide you with the best, most reliable and fairest service and to offer you the variety of products available on the market.