We have embarked on a comprehensive process and are leading a one-of-a-kind pilot which has led us to a green revolution – and a Green Kali!

What does the process involve?


An electronic waste recycling program

Before we throw away our electronic waste: computers, chargers, telephones, et cetera – we send them to undergo an intactness inspection for reuse. The repaired devices are then either returned for use at Kali’s offices, or sent as a donation to associations working for the community. Electronic waste that cannot be refurbished is sent to be uniquely shredded and is then recycled.

So long, plastic! We’ve said goodbye to disposable tableware

In a comprehensive, total step, we have permanently removed disposable tableware and polluting plastic from our offices. Our kitchenettes have been transformed with the introduction of multiuse tableware and the addition of dishwashers to rinse cups and cutlery.

A comprehensive recycling plan at all our offices

We have made it our goal to recycle everything we can! We have posted dedicated recycling bins for glass, plastic, paper and electronic waste and have placed them at accessible locations across the offices.

Creating green think tanks

We always think outside the box where green solutions are concerned. To develop ideas specifically adapted to Kali, we have formed in-house think tanks for implementing, developing, initiating and applying the green transformation, setting in motion fruitful collaborations with companies developing green solutions at organizations.

Green investments

A green economy is not just a trend, it’s a nature of investment! We are launching professional conventions concerned with a conscientious economy and with the promotion of green investments for the creation of an economic community supportive of sustainability and environmental protection.

We will continue acting in every way to apply the value of environmental protection, implement innovative solutions for reducing and recycling waste and do good for the planet and for the human environment in which we operate.