You have spent a lifetime of work saving and accumulating money in various investment channels such as provident funds, study funds, pension funds and insurance policies, investments in the capital market, alternative investments, et cetera. Each investment channel has unique attributes which can be utilized according to your financial and personal situation.

Financial planning is the mapping of all your savings and investments, allowing you to gain an understanding of the bigger picture while holistically addressing various components affecting your life and the future. The bigger picture will enable a long-term investment strategy, updated according to your current life stage and constantly adjusting itself to your goals, aspirations and financial dreams for the future.

Financial planning will ensure that your savings management costs are the best for you; that your investments’ risk level is adjusted to your age, personal and marital status and to the purpose for which the money is being saved, et cetera. Financial planning will help you maximize profitability, significantly reduce your management costs, obtain all the tax benefits you are due and regularly monitor your finances. 

Kali’s experts will analyze your personal financial snapshot, will recommend a goal-oriented plan and will monitor the performance of your financial assets. This is one of the most significant decisions you could make, right now, to secure your peaceful and stable financial future.

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