What are risk insurances?

Risk insurances are all those insurance policies that cover risks that exist by the very fact of being alive: health insurance, critical illness insurance, personal accident insurance and long-term care insurance. The insurances can be purchased by individuals or in a group manner by employers, health funds, associations, organizations, workers’ committees, and more.

We will create a strategic plan for you that will meet your exact needs.

Why do we need such a program? Some important reasons to consider.

A smart response to the dynamism of the risk insurance sector

The field of risk insurance is dynamic. Every year there are innovations in the field of medicine and innovative technological tools to deal with various medical conditions. Managing a risk insurance plan in Kali will give you peace of mind and the knowledge that your insurance policies are always monitored and updated according to recommendations given based on the frequent changes.

The “small print” on us

Another reason is the complexity of the policy and understanding it against your personal situation. Risk insurance policies consist of hundreds of clauses, and each clause can have decisive effects on money and financial coping during a crisis. Many times situations arise where you have excess coverages that do not fit your current risks at all, or you lack essential coverages.

In addition, not all coverages are uniform by law, so the terms of the policy can vary greatly from one insurance company to another. A strategic plan makes sure that you join risk insurance policies that offer you the best terms.

A well-reasoned, strong and managed risk insurance plan will prevent unpleasant surprises and give you the knowledge that, if necessary, you have financial backing in times of crisis.

How do Kali’s experts and expertise plan risk insurance for you?

In the insurances that are purchased personally, we will first understand the variety of criteria that affect the risk insurances: age, occupation, family members, health data and more.

Map the existing one: what policies do you already have? Are they all necessary? Are there duplications between them?

Then we will create a single, tight and efficient risk insurance plan that covers you with all the necessary coverages.

Kali’s insurance experts and expertise will contact you and initiate meetings if there are new insurance products on the market that may also be relevant to you.

And of course, if necessary, we will accompany you in all stages of the new policy activation and the bureaucracy involved.

In the case of employers purchasing risk insurance for their employees, we will first adjust the program to the nature of the group and the employer’s budget. We will provide you with full support in the monthly operation of the risk insurance program, and we will come to the workplace for personal meetings for the purpose of joining the program and examining the family needs of the employees.

So what risk insurances are currently on the market?

health insurance

The services of the public health system in Israel, defined in the state health law, are advanced and considered high quality and available. They are also comprehensive, but are mainly suitable for the treatment of routine, everyday health conditions.

When everything is fine, the need for private health insurance is not felt. But when a complex health event occurs, in most cases, one has to deal with a complicated bureaucratic system, without the ability to influence the choice of the treating factors, or alternatively there is an urgent need for treatments that the health fund does not cover at all, the cost of which may be very high.

What is the solution to this?

A comprehensive private health insurance plan, adapted to the specific personal and health situation of you and your family members, and also one that meets situations that cannot be anticipated but can occur.

A private health insurance plan includes a large variety of coverages such as:

  • Private surgeries in Israel and abroad and an option to choose the surgeon and the medical institution.
  • Receiving medications that are not included in the health basket, medications for rare diseases, and customized medications.
  • Organ transplants and special treatments abroad that cannot be performed in Israel.
  • Ambulatory services such as consultation with a doctor or specialist doctor, tests such as PET CT and MRI, physiotherapy treatments, pregnancy tests and more.
  • Complementary medicine treatments. Today many people pay hundreds and thousands of shekels for treatments such as: medical massages, acupuncture, shiatsu, homeopathy and more – which can be subsidized by private insurance.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of developmental problems and learning disabilities in childhood and children.

Critical illness insurance

Disease insurance will allow you to maintain the standard of living to which you are accustomed even when dealing with a serious illness.

Critical illness insurance best exemplifies the term “order written in blood.” In times of discovery of a serious illness, psychic, mental and emotional forces are required which require enormous resources from the person and the family.

In addition to the emotional dimension, there is also the financial dimension: often in a situation of serious illness, the income is drastically affected due to a stoppage of work or loss of working days of the spouse.

personal accidents insurance

Accidents can never be expected. Personal accident insurance provides financial security in case of accidents or death as a result of an accident.

Personal accident insurance is a policy that provides financial coverage in the event of death, disability or damage caused by an accident.

A personal accident insurance policy is not a policy established by law, like life insurance for example, so its terms can be very different from one insurance company to another. It is important to examine the differences and understand which insurance company gives you maximum peace of mind and financial peace in the event of an accident. It is worth remembering that following legislative changes, there is a very limited number of insurance companies that can hold a personal accident policy.

Nursing insurance

The population of the State of Israel is getting older and at the same time medicine is advancing and new technologies are causing an increase in life expectancy. The State of Israel is still not prepared with good and effective solutions to deal with the consequences of aging in a large number of the population, and every year there is an increase in the number of nursing home patients.

The long-term care insurance programs provide a monthly allowance to mentally ill people, for example dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, or to insured persons who are unable to perform routine daily activities. From the beginning of 2019, there are no new products in the long-term care insurance policy except for group long-term care insurances and for members and companies of the health insurance funds.

Kelly’s experts and expertise have experience and proficiency in managing complex risk insurance programs and a deep understanding of the history, present and future of risk insurance in Israel. We lead the field with uncompromising professionalism and reliability, we live the field of risk insurance every day, and we will provide you with a personal, responsible and dedicated service.

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