Private clients

We accompany approximately 70 thousand clients in the worlds of finance, investments, pension planning and risk management, and plan with them their financial present and future, oriented toward specific goals. Kali’s experts provide a holistic service which takes into account personal and financial parameters, creating for you a financial plan for a future of stability and financial security.

We specialize in the provision of pension service and holistic financial planning including all financial products available on the market for private clients: pension insurances, senior employees’ insurances, provident funds and study funds, investment provident funds, portfolio management, et cetera.

The dynamic financial reality requires close and personal financial planning, which sees to it that your goals are attained in times of changes as well. Kali specializes in handling complex pension insurance challenges and provides strategic financial planning with the intent of maximizing the financial return and the insurance value. The planning is made by means of formulating an investment strategy personalized to each client according to each client’s wishes and needs.

Kali’s private clients enjoy benefits in management fees in pension funds and study funds, significant discounts in life insurances, health insurances, risk insurances and mortgage insurances, and are exposed to recommendations of a wide variety of provident funds and investment tracks. Our clients can also keep up to speed at any given moment on the snapshot of their financial assets managed at Kali, in an innovative, user-friendly personal section of the website and can take dozens of online actions, saving them precious time and enabling them to contact us directly and quickly.

Kali is a privately-owned company, a fact which allows us to protect your own interests alone. We have no arrangements with any insurance company or investment house and our sole commitment is to our clients! Fifty years of experience and the fact that we are a large group enable us to obtain for our private clients the best possible terms vis-à-vis the insurance companies or investment houses.


Premium clients

The Premium Clients Division specializes in private clients with financial wealth. Kali’s experts handle assets valued at 27 billion shekels and specialize in the provision of pension service.

Premium clients are provided with close care and accompaniment by a personal client manager who holds an investment marketing license and a pension agent license. The process includes a personal meeting for comprehensive financial planning, according to your needs and a comprehensive opinion, followed by full accompaniment in the plan’s implementation.

Premium clients enjoy a package of solutions for managing a large financial capital as regards the planning of alternative investments and global investments. Management of alternative investments is done by a team of experts through varied private funds such as capital venture funds, real estate funds, private equity, hedge funds, infrastructure funds, social loans, et cetera.

Kali has a division specializing in global investments. We have agreements with banks in Switzerland and are familiar with the various portfolios maintained at each bank. We personalize the best portfolios in each field inside that bank and vis-à-vis the competing banks and managers, and plan an investment strategy for our premium clients based on the choice of the specific bank and portfolio best matching each client’s profile, expectations and preferences. We have the professional and bureaucratic knowledge required for opening an investment account and portfolio in Switzerland, as well as the knowledge required for the ongoing conduct and monitoring of the portfolio.

Kali’s experts see to it that the offered financial mix is consistent with each client’s goals and way of thinking. We accompany the clients on the various junctures of their lives, keeping up to speed on anything related to changes in the market, in the economy and in personal changes and recommending how the investments and processes can be streamlined so as to increase your profits.

We have fifty years of experience and operate fully independently, having no ties of ownership with any insurance company or investment house. We place a substantive emphasis on objectivity, choice of product type, risk levels, and the companies managing the products – in a manner precisely consistent with the clients’ wishes and aspirations.