Loss of income in the event of a medical crisis could harm both your own financial, mental and emotional stability and that of your near and dear ones. Accordingly, you would do well to find the insurance cover allowing you to maintain financial strength and stability even in times of a health crisis.

Insurance is a legal and financial measure which provides us with protection against situations of financial uncertainty; for instance, in the event of a medical crisis: requiring organ transplants, filing claims for unique and potentially lifesaving drugs that are not included in the medicine basket, private financing of examinations, assistance with surgeries or with selecting the best doctors. Health insurances require extensive professional knowledge, experience and regularly keeping up to speed with innovations and technologies in health.

Kali’s insurance experts are versed in all private and collective health insurance solutions and will provide you with personalized covers adjusted to your precise needs. We have been working with the various leading insurance companies in the Israeli market for over fifty years now, but do not have an ownership relationship with any of them; and accordingly, we are able to offer you the insurance best suited to you and to your own specific needs.

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