Gil Hershkovitz has been part of Kali for over a decade now. He began his career at the company as a financial policy product supervisor, was a client portfolio manager, manager of the Kali South branch and in recent years has been made partner.

Gil’s and Kali’s unique joint venture is in accompanying family units and providing intergenerational service within the family unit.

Gil has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Financing and the Capital Market, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, holds an investment marketing license from the Securities Authority and a pension marketing license from the Ministry of Finance, is a graduate of a CFP financial planning course and a retirement planner.

Gil is a co-CEO of the company and accompanies family units in capital management and intergenerational disposition. The partnership was formed as a result of clients’ demand to have a regular professional accompany them and their family over the years, accompanying the clients and facilitating the intergenerational disposition of their assets and handling all the family’s financial assets and products, taking into account the unique need of each generation and obtaining a comprehensive view of the assets. The deep and long-term familiarity with the family accompanied by Gil increases the sense of security and grants clients peace of mind.


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