Loss of income in the event of a medical crisis may damage your financial, mental and emotional stability and that of those around you, so it is worthwhile to find the insurance coverage that will allow you to maintain financial resilience and stability even in times of health crisis.

Insurance is a legal and financial means that provides us with protection against situations where there is financial uncertainty in the event of a medical crisis, for example: the need for organ transplants, claims for unique drugs that are not in the drug basket and may save lives, private funding for tests, assistance with surgeries or assistance in choosing the best doctors. Health insurance requires extensive professional knowledge, experience and regular updates on innovations and technologies in the field of health.

Kali’s insurance experts and expertise know all the solutions in the field of private and group health insurance and will adjust the exact coverages for you. For over 50 years we have been working with a variety of the leading insurance companies in Israel, but not in ownership relationships with any of them, therefore we will only offer you the insurance that is personally tailored to you and your specific needs.

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