What are risk insurances?

Risk insurances are all those insurance policies which cover risks we face by merely being alive: health insurance, serious illness insurance, personal accident insurance and long-term care insurance. The insurances can be purchased by private individuals or collectively by employers, health organizations, societies, organizations, employee committees, et cetera.

We will create a strategic plan for you to meet your precise needs.

Why do you need such a plan? Here are some important reasons you have to consider.

A smart response to the dynamic nature of the risk insurances field

The risk insurances field is a dynamic one. Innovations in medicine and cutting-edge technological tools for dealing with various medical conditions are introduced every year. Having a risk insurance plan with Kali will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your insurance policies are constantly being monitored and updated according to recommendations made based on these frequent changes.

The “fine print” is on us

Another reason is the complexity of the policy and of understanding it in relation to your personal snapshot. Risk insurance policies are composed of hundreds of clauses, with each clause potentially having critical impacts on your money and your financial conduct in a crisis. Often there are situations where you have an excess of covers which are not at all consistent with your present risks, or where you lack material covers.

Additionally, not all covers are standard under law, so the policy’s terms can greatly vary from one insurance company to the next. A strategic plan makes sure that you’ve joined risk insurance policies that offer you the best terms.

A well-argued, strong and properly-managed risk insurance plan will spare you unpleasant surprises and will let you rest easy in the knowledge that in case of need, you have financial backing in times of crisis.

How do Kali’s experts plan risk insurances for you?

In insurances purchased personally, we will first gain an understanding of the variety of criteria affecting the risk insurances: age, occupation, family members, health data, et cetera.

We’ll map your current insurance assets: What policies do you already have? Are they all needed? Are there redundancies among them? Then, we’ll create a single, tight and efficient risk insurance plan, providing you with all required covers.

Kali’s insurance experts will contact you and initiate meetings if there are new insurance products in the market which could be relevant to you as well.

And naturally, if necessary, we will accompany you through all stages of activating your new policy and help you with the red tape involved.

In the case of employers purchasing risk insurances for their employees, we will first adjust the plan to the nature of the group and to the employer’s budget. We will provide you with full accompaniment in the monthly operation of the risk insurances plan, and will come to the workplace to meet the employees in person to have them join the plan and to consider their family needs.

So what risk insurances are currently available in the market?

Health insurance

The services provided by Israel’s public health system, defined in the National Health Law, are advanced and are considered to be high-quality and highly available. They are also comprehensive, but are mostly suited for dealing with routine, daily health situations.

When we’re feeling fine, we don’t feel the need for private health insurance. But when a complex health incident occurs, in most cases we have to deal with a highly complex bureaucratic system and find that we are unable to influence the selection of the people who treat us or, alternatively, an urgent need arises for treatments that our health organization does not cover at all and which can be very costly.

What’s the solution?

A comprehensive private health insurance plan, adjusted to your own and your family members’ specific personal and health situation, while also responding to situations that are not easily foreseen but can occur.

A private health insurance plan includes a wide variety of covers, such as:

  • Private surgeries in Israel and abroad and the option of selecting the operating doctor and the medical institution.
  • Receiving medications not included in the health basket, medications for rare diseases and personalized medications.
  • Organ transplants and special treatments abroad that cannot be provided in Israel.
  • Ambulatory services such as consultation with a specialist, scans such as CT, PET and MRI, physical therapy treatments, pregnancy examinations, et cetera.
  • Complementary medicine treatments. Nowadays, many people pay hundreds and thousands of shekels for treatments such as medical massages, shiatsu, homeopathy, et cetera – which can be subsidized under the private insurance.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of developmental problems and learning disabilities in children.

Serious illness insurance

Illness insurance will allow you to maintain the living standard to which you’ve been accustomed even when you’re dealing with a serious illness.

Serious illness insurances best demonstrate the adage of an “order written in blood”. When one discovers one is suffering from a serious illness, mental, psychological and emotional fortitude is called upon, taking a heavy toll on the patients’ and their family’s emotional resources.

The emotional aspect is further compounded by the financial aspect: A serious illness is usually severely detrimental to the household’s income due to the patient’s spouse also having to stop working or losing workdays.

Personal accident insurance

Accidents can never be foreseen. Personal accident insurance provides financial security in the event of accidents or of death resulting from an accident.

Personal accident insurance is a policy providing financial cover in the event of death, loss of capacity to work or damage caused by an accident.

Unlike, for example, life insurance, a personal accident insurance policy is not prescribed by law, and accordingly its terms can greatly vary from one insurance company to the next. It’s important to consider the differences and understand which insurance company grants you the greatest peace of mind and financial stability in an accident situation. You should remember that following changes in legislation, only a very small number of insurance companies can now have a personal accident policy.

Long-term care insurance

The elderly are becoming a much greater portion of Israel’s population, while medicine is simultaneously progressing and providing us with new technologies enabling a longer life expectancy. Israel is still not prepared with good and efficient solutions for dealing with the implications of old age on a large part of the population, and every year there are more long-term care patients.

The long-term care insurance plans provide a monthly pension to the mentally infirm, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, or insureds who are unable to perform routine daily actions. Since early 2019, there have been no new products under the long-term care insurance policy other than the collective long-term care insurances offered to members of Israel’s health organizations.

Kali’s experts are experienced and proficient in managing complex risk insurance plans and have a deep understanding of the history, present and future of risk insurances in Israel. We are leaders in our field with uncompromising professionality and reliability, the risk insurances field is our daily bread and butter, and we will provide you with personalized, responsible and dedicated service.

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